Teacher-leaders representing every grade level in District 69 and District 67 have joined the Executive Director of K-12 STEM and the Director of K-12 Mathematics to form the STEM Leadership Team. The purpose of this district-level team is to effectively collaborate to:

  • create STEM Learning Targets for Math and Science
  • create STEM curriculum alignments to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • create STEM Common Benchmark Assessments
  • create a comprehensive STEM assessment model
  • review STEM textbooks and material needs
  • pilot developed materials (lessons or assessments) as appropriate

In addition to the curriculum and assessment development work undertaken by the team, the STEM Leaders will collaborate with and lead:

  • grade level discussions of STEM common learning targets, curricular alignment and assessments throughout the developmental process
  • grade level colleagues in the revisions of materials developed and shared by the Leadership Team
  • grade level discussions around the data gathered from STEM Assessments

To prepare for their role as STEM Leaders, teacher-leaders will have opportunities to:

  • participate in professional development on the K-12 framework and NGSS and Common Core Math Standards
  • attend conferences/workshops
  • participate in appropriate webinars
  • support Parent and Community STEM initiatives

The Leadership Team has spent time this year developing learning targets for mathematics that align to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and PARCC frameworks. While developing learning targets for mathematics, the STEM Leadership Team has received professional development on the CCSS Mathematics Practice Standards. The team will continue to edit learning targets for mathematics and design assessments aligned to the rigor of the CCSS standards and PARCC assessments.The team has also worked extensively through readings, presentations and activities to increase their understanding of the NGSS Concepts, Practices and Disciplinary Core Ideas.

The STEM Leadership Team will continue to meet this school year to build their knowledge of the NGSS and CCSS Mathematics standards and to share their knowledge with their grade level teams. Members from the STEM Leadership Team have attended national conferences on both the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) through NSTA and the Math Common core Standards through NCTM and NCSM. Teachers attended sessions given by leaders in science and math teaching designed to help incorporate the new standards into their classrooms. Teacher came back from the conference energized and immediately began embedding what they learned from the conferences into their daily instruction. The STEM Leadership Team will serve as the conduit for great STEM instruction for years to come.


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