Twenty four teacher-leaders representing District 67 and 69 have joined the Director of K-8 Literacy to form the Literacy Leadership Team. The goals of this team are to:

  • investigate evidence based instructional practices in literacy instruction
  • align literacy instruction to the Common Core State Standard.
  • identify instructional materials to support curricular outcomes
  • develop grade level common assessments to include in the overall balanced assessment plan
  • become good data consumers and develop the ability to make data driven decisions

Literacy leaders are expected to guide grade level discussions focused on identified essential learning goals, grade level common assessments, and Common Core State Standards applicable to their grade level. To prepare for this role, leaders participate in:

  • conferences and workshops
  • ongoing professional development focused on best practices in instruction, Common Core State Standards and leadership
  • review of curricular resources

To date, literacy leaders have participated in conferences hosted by the Illinois Reading Council and Judson University. Sessions attended have been led by leaders in literacy education and have covered topics such as guided reading, nonfiction reading and writer’s workshop. These teachers have brought these practices to their grade level teams and into their classrooms for implementation.

The leadership team will continue to meet throughout the coming school year. Leaders will develop curriculum maps and pacing guides to support the implementation of writer’s workshop. Additionally, they will begin to evaluate resources to support reading instruction and grow professionally by attending local and regional seminars and conferences.


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