Professional development is key to district’s success

If you want to know how to implement a new curriculum in your district, look no further than Niles Township in Skokie, IL.

The district began implementing Eureka Math in the 2015–2016 school year in Kindergarten through Grade 8 after conducting an extensive evaluation of various math curricula. “When we looked through other resources, it was obvious to us that Eureka Math was the best option for our school districts,” Executive Director of K–12 STEM Steven Shadel says. “After we made that recommendation, we went into full professional development and support mode.”

Teachers received professional development for the curriculum during the summer of 2015, just before they started using Eureka Math. During the first year of implementation, teachers received five full days of in-district training, plus ongoing training throughout the year, and three days of professional learning at a Eureka Math summer Institute.

Shadel explains that the district also brought together a leadership team in that first year to work on pacing, lesson modifications, and assessment development. That team then guided grade level teams in implementing the curriculum.

“The first year was huge for us because, even though it was stressful, our teachers felt that they knew where they were going, that their practice had improved, and that they had really great discussions around instruction and assessments,” Shadel says.


Eureka Math at Niles Township in Skokie, IL


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